Our Team


Documentary Songwriters wouldn't be able to offer the service it does without the creativity and contributions of its staff and supporters.



Nora Willauer


Nora serves as Executive Director of DocSong and is a passionate musician, devoted not only to her instrument, but also to the relationship between music and community.

Clara Schneid

Communications Officer

A songwriter and educator, Clara loves usuing creativity to connect with students and collaborators.

Malcolm Brooks


Dr. Malcolm Brooks first published the Documentary Songwriting Method as part of his Doctoral dissertation. He founded Documentary Songwriters, as a nonprofit in 2018 and currently serves the organization as an advisor. 

Will Foote


Will is a vocalist and songwriter. He has been instrumental in bringing documentary songs to venues ranging from folk festivals to intimate settings. He has also demonstrated composing melodic themes live on radio.


Board of Directors

Josie Davis


Josie has performed in a wide range of venues, from Carnegie Hall to the Monte Music Festival in India. She is interested in how music can be used as a form of cultural empowerment to build bridges and strengthen communities.

Halley Elwell


Halley is an accomplished bi-coastal singer-songwriter and teacher, at home on stage and in the studio. In addition to performing internationally, has been named by Nashville Songwriter’s Association as “One to Watch.”

Mimi Bornstein


Mimi is a choral director, educator, and composer, Mimi is the founder of Voices United LLC, an organization dedicated to creating musical connections as pathways for promoting equality, opportunity and inclusion for all. 

Stanford Thompson


Stanford is a musician and educator who serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Play On Philly and Founding Board Chairman of El Sistema USA – bringing music education to students in underserved areas.

Lisa Whitfield


Lisa is a classically trained violist, improviser, and vocalist who has been an active orchestral and chamber musician in the Cleveland area for over a decade after having spending nearly 20 years performing in New York.

Jody Kerchner


Jody is a professor at Oberlin College. She specializes in secondary school music and choral music education She has presented keynotes, papers, and led workshops nationally and internationally.

Monica Kelly


Monica serves as Executive Director of Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School. She is also the founder of the Odeon Orchestra, the first youth orchestra for young instrumentalists in the midcoast of Maine.

Chris Finn


Chris Finn has sung and played in churches since childhood, spending 13 years leading a Los Angeles based contemporary music church band. He led the Songs of Oswald Chambers project for DocSong.

Anastasia Fischer


Anastasia serves as president of U.S. Harbors in Rockland, Maine. She also lads her own design firm, the Fischer Design Group. She is a graduate of Bowdoin College with a major in history.


Teaching Artists

Melodi Var Öngel 

Melodi is a humanitarian and musician. In 2019, she debuted her documentary songwriting project Songs Across Boundaries, and followed it with an acclaimed TEDx talk on her work on that project in Cyprus.

Joaquin Contreras 

Joaquin is a multi-instrumentalist and documentary songwriter. He focuses on writing documentary songs with families and communities in order to help them preserve their histories and cultures.

Caroline Rex-Waller 

Caroline pioneered the first-ever documentary songwriting workshop in a high school. Under her leadership, 37 students generated 37 lyrical and melodic sketches across four days.

Will Foote

Will is a vocalist and songwriter. He has been instrumental in bringing documentary songs to venues ranging from folk festivals to intimate settings. He has also demonstrated composing melodic themes live on radio.

Caleb Edwards

Caleb is a composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist. He has created and recorded vocal, string, and percussion arrangements for numerous artists. He attends the Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

Hazel Delehey

Hazel is a documentary songwriter and studio vocalist. She pioneered the first documentary song for a documentary film, a project for the High Mountain Institute in Colorado.

Alex Wilder

Alex is a songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from Maine, currently based in Nashville. In addition to freelance performance work, he has produced numerous collaborations with DocSong.

Whit Arau

Whit is an environmental chemist with experience in writing, music composition, and podcast production. Whit is interested in documentary songs with queer people and those dealing with chronic health problems.

Rushmore DeNooyer

Rushmore is a Peabody Award-winning writer, producer, director, and composer. His numerous film credits include over 25 documentaries for NOVA, the History Channel, the Smithsonian, and others.

Khalid Taylor

Khalid is a documentary songwriter and vocalist. He serves as a life and growth coach for people on a spiritual path. He holds a degree from Oberlin College in Musical Studies and currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Jonny Westhorp

Jonny is an English guitarist and songwriter currently living and working in Belgium. He is interested in using music as a way of uniting and integrating marginalized members of society into the community.

Sophie Davis

Sophie is a performer and educator who holds degrees in violin performance and environmental studies from Oberlin College and Conservatory. She currently teaches strings at two music schools in Maine.

Genevieve Roby

A vocalist and songwriter, Genevieve attends Bennington College, where she studies the performing arts and creative writing. She is interested in the ways that music can be used as an means of human connection and understanding.

Ken Goldman

A seasoned musician and performer, Ken studied classical music at Northwestern University’s School of Music, before setting off on a long and diverse career behind the drum set for a genre-spanning lineup of groups.

Chloë Isis

Chloë is a songwriter and vocalist who conducted the first-ever live documentary songwriting session on radio. She is interested in writing DocSongs with children, the deaf, and those processing grief.


Strategic Partners

DocSong's mission is supported by the following partners – we are grateful for their expertise and generosity.

Rick Medrick  |  Boulder, Colorado

“We need 10 or 100 [teaching artists] traveling around inviting others to tell their stories. This would not only have a profound effect on the population in individual terms but also offer the community ways to connect to the commonalities among their stories."