June 30, 2021

Boxes on the Floor


Stockton, California

A college student talks about not being there for her family when they are asked to evacuate, and recounts memories of fire fighters going door to door asking her to evacuate when she was younger.


I’ve seen wildfires from an airplane
Big smoke, bigger than the fire
A certain smell in the air
Sky pink and orange But the Sun can’t shine

I was in college then and
Got a phone call from my parents
Our town might burn down
I told them Please get out Oh I wasn’t home

I remember when I was younger, this happened before
Firefighters in yellow suits going door to door
Mom’s packing and I remember thinking, What if all we have
is in these boxes on the floor
these boxes on the floor

The old dmotel and the taco bell by the highway
The road to the beach was burning too
It’s No longer safe here
Big things were falling, it’s Like driving through the underworld

What does it mean to lose your home
To lose the home we all share
It’s when it gets to you that you care
It’s when it gets to you that you care


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