August 30, 2021

Care Package


Rockport, Maine

How do I love thee? Here are some unusual ways.


We meet in Washington
Both new to town
I’m not looking for love
But look what I found
He is my heart
And I’m sending him
A care package

Our first date
He tries to hold my hand
And take my picture
That is not in the plan
He is my heart….

He comes to church on Sunday to hear me sing
He wears a jacket and a tie and that’s not his thing
He wants to spend the night, I say in our pajamas
He says ok if it builds good karma

He thinks of a date
That includes my dog
She’s like my baby
So we bring her along
He is my heart….

Now we have to move to different states
To care for children and my heart aches
He has a daughter, I have a son
We have live apart till high school’s done

In two years
We’ll be together again
We’re going to make it
Going to make it till then
He is my heart
And I’m sending him
A care package

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