August 18, 2021

Conquering the City


Rockport, Maine

Alone in a foreign city, Caleb discovers things about the culture and about himself.


I could see the cathedral
Its two great pillars
Shooting up to the sky
I climbed up the musty steps
The stairs went on and on
When I finally reached the top
I looked out at my hotel
And the river, the bakery
Going down was harder than the climb

I let out a sigh
I said said hey, that wasn’t so bad
Threw my backpack over one shoulder
I felt like I was conquering the city

I walked to the bakery
I stared at the menu
I only knew a few words
I was nervous to talk
Cause they don’t speak like me
Now what did she say?
I mumbled a few words
And she nodded, I smiled
Holding my breath through that whole time

I let out a sigh….

If I got in trouble who would help me
I was on my own
It was starting to get late
So I headed for the hotel
As I walked through the doors
I looked back and saw the city behind me

I let out a sigh….

©2018 Beauchamp Point Music

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