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July 24

New Beginnings: A Songwriting Workshop


DocSong is humbled by the opportunity to work with Finding Our Voices for this songwriting workshop. FOV is a grass-roots organization marshaling survivor faces and voices to break the silence of domestic abuse.

July 24, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Who leads this workshop? A group of highly empathetic musicians, recently trained in the Documentary Songwriting Method, and two facilitators – Nora Willauer and Will Foote.

What is Documentary Songwriting? A unique, step-by-step songwriting method that demystifies creativity and makes it possible for someone with no musical background to write a high-quality song.

What will happen? You will be placed in a small group setting and you will be asked to share a story of an emotional experience from your life where you were able to find resilience and begin again. You will be guided through the Documentary Songwriting Method songwriting, and your story will turn into the beginnings of a song.

Do I have to share? Sharing is optional!

What are the benefits to me? In this workshop you will explore a new creative outlet, build community, collaborate with compassionate musicians, and learn new artistic and interpersonal skills. You will be challenged to be open, honest, and vulnerable while helping others do the same. Together as a community we will explore what it means to begin again.


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