July 7, 2021

Ey Ney



"Tell me where this hate comes from. Words are not enough"


Bu nefret sana kimden geldi söyle
Kelimeler yetmiyor
Her yerde kin
Söyle, söyle, söyle

Ey ney

Burdayım, karşındayım
Hadi gel
Bıkmadın, usanmadın
Hadi gel
Şarkımızı sen de söyle
Hadi gel

Tell me
where this hate comes from
Words are not enough
Hatred everywhere
Tell me, tell me, tell me

Ey Ney
Here we are,
Standing in front of you
Come and join us
Don’t you think it’s enough
Come and join us
Sing our song with us
Come and join us

πες μου
αυτό το μίσος ποιος στο έμαθε
δεν αρκούν οι λέξεις
παντού κακία
ο λόγος?
πες μου, πες μου, πες μου

Ey Ney

είμαστε εδώ
μπροστά σου
άντε έλα άντε έλα
δεν βαρέθηκες
άντε έλα άντε έλα
πες εσύ το τραγούδι μας
άντε έλα άντε έλα

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