July 1, 2021

I Lay my Eyes on You


Rockport, Maine

A precursor to a full-fledged documentary song, "I Lay My Eyes on You" relates Hannah Batley and Malcolm Brooks's impressions of Barbara Brooks's work balance with 2 year-old Ian in childcare.


I fill my coffee cup
The work is piling up
How am i going to get through this?
I see your photograph and breathe easy
Another marathon and then

I lay my eyes on you and rejoice
I feel at peace and listen to your sweet voice
I lay my eyes on you and rejoice
I feel at peace and listen to your sweet, sweet voice

I’m banging on the keys
And watch the cursor freeze
I don’t have time to start over
I think about your laugh and breathe easy
Another afternoon and then


I think about your day
Hope that you ran and played
Maybe they read you a story
I know they love you too, it’s so easy
I’m just a drive away and then


Story Source




Pat Keene

Video Editing

Clio Berta (artist)

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