April 1, 2021

I Remember Only Pieces


Rockport, Maine

What you remember does not need to define you.


In 2018, Scientific American published Jim Hopper’s response to the Kavanaugh hearing. An expert in psychological trauma, Hopper likened sexual assault victims to soldiers suffering from PTSD. He says:

“Incomplete memories of sexual assault, including those with huge gaps, are understandable–if we learn the basics of how memory works and we genuinely listen to survivors. Such memories should be expected. They are similar to the memories of soldiers and police officers for things they’ve experienced in the line of fire. And a great deal of scientific research on memory explains why.” To read the full article, click here.

“Pieces” explores this idea of fragmented memory. The story source didn’t speak up for years after her assault, in part because she remembered only pieces of the incident. Through a lot of personal work, she has come to realize, “I remember only pieces, but now I understand, the pieces don’t make me who I am.”


Summer night, past my bedtime
I was still in braids
He had a pickup truck, there was no one else around

For years I kept this to myself
So angry no one saw
I had almost disappeared

I remember only pieces
But now I understand
The pieces don’t make me
Who I am

He pushed me down, I was on my back
I was so afraid
And ashamed, thinking I was to blame,

In needed someone, someone to say
It was not my fault
I had almost disappeared


Now I’m dancing in my kitchen
Dancing all around
Yes I’m dancing, dancing
They can’t hold me down




Andre Jamal, Daniella Hope

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