August 18, 2021

Looking for a Car Like That


Rockport, Maine

In January of 2017, Melodi Var Öngel came to Maine and collaborated with Jillian Galloway on this documentary song about a vintage Volvo. The summer before, Jillian had seen the Volvo with a for sale sign on the side of the road in Acadia. Now here it was winter, but that Volvo remained on her mind. As the song reveals, Jillian has her own sense of what's important.


Up to the beaches,
Feeling really salty,
We had all the windows down.

There was this old car.
It looked forgotten.
Volvo 240.

Navy blue, leather seats,
Jump seat in the back,
Been looking for a car like that.

Had to check this car out.
We sat in every seat.
Tested out the steering wheel.

My dad walked up the driveway,
Knocked and rang the doorbell.
No answer from inside.

Navy blue, leather seats…

I was sad
I had to leave that car behind,
But I get hopeful
Any time
Someone mentions a Volvo 240.
Maybe that’s the one I’ll find.

People drive their trucks around
It makes them feel powerful,
This car was not like that.

People don’t realize
All the life in old things
Forgotten on the side of the road

Navy blue, leather seats…

Story Source




Malcolm Brooks, Alex Wilder

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