August 9, 2021

Nestled in the Pines


Ilseboro, Maine

Ben Adams and his bride learn that not everyone welcomes a young couple in love.


Whirlwind romance, western Mongolia,
A family says we can stay with them.
Local police say no strangers.
An old lady takes us to the snow line,
And hides us in the trees.

We were nestled in the pines, in snow and sheep skins.
There was no one going to find us.
Nestled in the pines, we were all we had.

Local police are getting drunker.
I look at you, you look back at me.
We look at them, they’re coming closer,
Middle of the night at the snow line,
We’re hiding in the trees.

We were nestled in the pines, in snow and sheep skins…

Years later, we’re married.
I thought it was all amusing.
Years later, you tell me
You thought we were going to die

Nestled in the pines…

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