Malcolm Brooks


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Star or an Angel (And More)

Hannah Batley thought she was lost, slipping off into the margins, and then events suggested otherwise.

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Sleeping in my Space

Malcolm Brooks sees something in a meditation that he doesn’t understand. Hannah Batley says, “It’s a song.” And so it was.

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Idle Bible Van

Hannah Batley declines a proselytizers invitation to join him in waiting for the apocalypse.

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Francis Dowling

From a recorded interview at the Maine Folklife Center.

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This House Feels like a Home

When Eleanor Nicolás was a child, her family moved so frequently that Eleanor told her parents where she herself had decided to grow up.

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Chloë Isis makes it through the Maine winters, because the summers are so sweet.

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Where my eyes should go

Malcolm Brooks finds he cannot grasp beauty in its complexity and detail. Especially when the beauty lies in his beloved Barbara.

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Drivers Ed Blues

Chloë Isis tells what it took her to get her license.

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That necklace was more than jewelry. There’s more to something than what you see.

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