Nora Willauer


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Either Fall or Winter

In a reverie, Alex Wilder watches someone who can’t bring himself to seize the moment – someone who begins to look more and more familiar.

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Beautiful Differences

Maybe there’s no home, things do change. But beautiful differences
make things okay.

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Meet me Halfway

Alex Wilder is putting in the work—will you meet him halfway?

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To Let Go

My grandfather won the lottery, he gambled it all away. My dad dropped out of school—he was only eight. Found a diamond bracelet in the cobblestones. Bought himself a plane ticket, never went back home.

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Leaving this Place

Will Foote wrestles with moving on from a meaningful chapter of his life.

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Little Exchanges

Walking at dawn to the music school to practice, Nora Willauer meets someone who is heading home after his night shift. Although they are both alone, for a brief moment, they find companionship in a simple greeting.

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Girl Situation

Will Foote remains optimistic about finding that balance between work and love.

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The Beauty in Everyday Things

Alex Wilder likes how he’s been changing and he knows who’s been the source of that change. But now she’s leaving…

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Soy yo y el silencio

Fabiola Ferrero reexamines her path as a photojournalist, looking out into the world and also into herself. (English translation below)

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