July 3, 2021



Rockport, Maine

As a young boy, Don Mitchell witnessed a fire sweeping through his Maine village and then found delicious raspberries growing in the aftermath.


The fire came, the fire came, the fire came down.

Well, she started at Hasting Brook,
Hasting Brook by the big falls.
Between Jackson Sluice and Adam’s Rib,
She took out a strip of land,
And the trees, she, took them all.

Then she came up, near the town line
So they moved all the kids to Warren McGuire’s.
Where Warren lived and Merle lived
They moved us all out there
To save us from the fire.

She swung right toward to the river.
That’s where she quit.
She didn’t jump the water at all.
And I don’t know if you’ve been down there lately,
The trees are still so small, so small.

And for years we’d pick raspberries
Anywhere the fire came down.
Anywhere the fire came down they grew there.
And oh, they were beautiful on the burnt ground,
Raspberries everywhere.

The fire came, the fire came, the fire came down.

Available on iTunes and Amazon on the "Lady on the Radio" album

©2013 Beauchamp Point Music



Art and Video by Clio Berta

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