A documentary song comes from a person’s actual, lived experience. DocSongs document the emotions of that experience through music and share it with the world.

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Star or an Angel (And More)

Hannah Batley thought she was lost, slipping off into the margins, and then events suggested otherwise.

Abstract Rainbow Background made with Small illustrations

Something was Stolen from me

This song is part of the Songs of #MeToo project.

Angels. Surreal painting with spiritual motif

Sleeping in my Space

Malcolm Brooks sees something in a meditation that he doesn’t understand. Hannah Batley says, “It’s a song.” And so it was.

Black People Silhouette Dancing arround Flowers. Fauvism and Matisse Vibe.White and Black on Blue Background. Minimalist Art for Print and poster

Show Up

“Show Up” is about wanting to live life untarnished by fear or doubt



Peter di Girolamo finds himself in a dangerous situation on a California mountaintop.


Matthew’s Song

Matthew is my hero, he died and saved us all.


Loving Another

Gabrielle Attra left a home, a cat, and a relationship. She considers whether to begin anew in the depths of winter.


Idle Bible Van

Hannah Batley declines a proselytizers invitation to join him in waiting for the apocalypse.


I Want a Lock

I want a lock on my bedroom door. He held me down with his hands.
Should I call out—I don’t want a scene.