Will Foote


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We Band Together

Cat Bennett, a farmer in upstate New York, reveals her experience of the changing American dream.

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Soy yo y el silencio

Fabiola Ferrero reexamines her path as a photojournalist, looking out into the world and also into herself. (English translation below)

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Whiskey (Into the Grid)

Mia Bertelli is surprised by a stranger’s kindness in the middle of the city.

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Nestled in the Pines

Ben Adams and his bride learn that not everyone welcomes a young couple in love.

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The Lord Brought Ellie

After Duane comes home from the Korean war, he finds direction through discovering faith in his religion and the love of his life.

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Sarah Bullitt lost a beloved feline friend, but then again, maybe not. There may be a spiritual bond that’s greater than death.

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Boxes on the Floor

A college student talks about not being there for her family when they are asked to evacuate, and recounts memories of fire fighters going door to door asking her to evacuate when she was younger.

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Washington State Red Apples

A World War II veteran recounts a story about finding hope amidst the cruelties of war.

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What the Eye can See

Stanford Thompson visits George Floyd Square on election day to experience everything through his own eyes.

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