Will Foote


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Love so Much

Will Foote reminds himself that he, too, is worthy of wonderful things.

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That was the Past

How do you fully love someone when a painful past holds them back?
Will Foote‘s relationship becomes challenged by memories and difficult ties to past relationships.

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Push Farther

For Will Foote, the farms, the rivers, and even the churches of upstate New York call to him to test his limits, but no matter how far he pushes himself, something tells him he still has more to go.

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Beautiful Differences

Maybe there’s no home, things do change. But beautiful differences
make things okay.

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Leaving this Place

Will Foote wrestles with moving on from a meaningful chapter of his life.

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Girl Situation

Will Foote remains optimistic about finding that balance between work and love.

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Προχώρα πέρα (Push Farther in Greek)

Dagmar Gmachl translated two of Will Foote’s Push Farther experiences from English into Greek. Then Chloë Isis wrote out a phonetic version, and she, Clio Berta, and Louisa Stancioff added the harmonies.

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Could be Good, Could be Bad

Sometimes all one can do is live moment by moment. And sometimes it’s unclear where each moment will lead. Will works on living with uncertainty.

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