July 3, 2021

Suli and I


Dali, Cyprus

Androulla tells of Dali, her home town, where her house was between a church and a mosque. A documentary song for the Cyprus Peace-Music Project.


Dali, my village
The only one left with people
For centuries
People lived in peace

My house was between
A church and a mosque
Sharing each other’s
Joy and sorrow
Every moment

Where I was born
A Turkish Cypriot house
Stood on our land
It became my home

When my mom went out to the field
She used to take me to
Kezban and his son Suli
They became my family

Suli and I
We played all day tirelessly

There was a well
Water flowing in the ditch
Suli and I were making boats
Wandering around without shoes

We were around seven
Something tragic happened
Kezban, Suli’s mom, died
They migrated to England

The house which was home for me
Suddenly became a big black hole
Couldn’t pass the empty house
Going around, around and around

Suli and I
We played all day tirelessly

Many years have passed
One day I was in London
Suddenly I saw
There was Suli and his father

We promised that we would meet again
But we never met, we never met

Suli and I
We played all day tirelessly

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