August 25, 2021

That was the Past


Rockport, Maine

How do you fully love someone when a painful past holds them back? Will Foote‘s relationship becomes challenged by memories and difficult ties to past relationships.


When we were at the beach,
We put our feet in the water,
And talked for a half an hour.
We got back up and dug a big hole in the sand.
The sun was shining,
And there were no clouds in the sky.

And then I can’t believe
I heard you say
He still likes you.
Don’t you know
That was the past.

You put your face in my shoulder
And cried me a river of tears.
You told me he would not leave you.
I told you he gave you much more pain than happiness.
I reminded you of all the times
You came to me in tears.

And then I can’t believe…

When we were at the New Year’s party,
You stayed by my side the whole night.
12 o’clock started getting closer.
Everyone else had a partner.
Everyone else had a partner.
You asked me if I could be your New Year’s kiss,
And so we kissed.

And then I can’t believe…

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