August 30, 2021

Walk With You


Rockport, Maine

Sometimes it takes time to stand up for oneself.


Started seeing this guy,
This winter maybe last fall.
We were out with friends had too much to drink.
Things progressed rapidly,
But in the morning,
I burst into tears

He would ignore me then say,
I make your life better.
He said I want to walk with
You a little longer.
He’d call me crazy then say
I could be better.
He said I want to walk with you.

After a month I said,
We should just be friends.
I don’t want to see you romantically.
He said fire’s in my veins.
He turned around and walked away.

He would ignore me then say…

I found I couldn’t talk.
I had a block in my throat.
I couldn’t say what i wanted to say.
Didn’t want to make decisions
Or be responsible,
I needed to find myself.
I was only a shell.

Finally one night
I’d had enough.
I told him don’t want
To ever see you again.
He started yelling but I stayed strong.
He said forget it and walked away.

He would ignore me then say…

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