September 1, 2020

Good Enough


Camden, Maine

How much can and should one person do for the world? Caleb Edwards asks a heartfelt question.


When I listen to the news in the morning
It always makes me feel trapped
And it scares me
That people who can do enough won’t

And me, I’m letting everyone everyone down
By not working harder
I want to go to bed at night
Not dreading the day to come

I want to come home and sit down
And say that was a good day
Now I can rest
I want to come home and sit down
And say that was a good day
I did my best
But can my best be good enough?

I play the piano piano it’s like my go to thing
That calms me down
Watching TV doesn’t do it
my phone doesn’t do it at all

We shouldn’t have to choose between working
And protecting our world
But I guess it’s that feeling
that keeps me pushing cause I can’t do enough

I want to come home and sit down…

I make a little difference
I feel like I can say
Tell me does it matter
Do you feel the same way
Tell me it will be alright
Tell me that my best is good enough
For today

I want to come home and sit down…


Video Editing

Luke Fatora

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