This page presents a compendium of coverage and content related to DocSong and documentary songwriting practice in regional and national media outlets.


NAfME CONVERENCE | May 21, 2021

Live Documentary Songwriting Session

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for MUSIC EDUCATION | DocSong board members Drs. Jody Kerchner and Malcolm Brooks recorded this documentary songwriting session for their talk at the February 2021 conference of the National Association for Music Education. This video helped illustrate the documentary songwriting process to a national audience of music educators.

IDEASTREAM | October 21, 2019

Sharing #MeToo Stories Through Songs

CLEVELAND | Feelings about sexual harassment and assault often go unspoken, but Nora Willauer thought music could get people talking. The master’s student in cello performance at the Cleveland Institute of Music decided to embark on a documentary songwriting project sharing people’s #MeToo stories.


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WERU | Maine

Documentary Songwriters on WERU Radio Hour

APRIL 1, 2016

The "WERU Family Radio Hour" with Belfast's Scot Cannon features Chloë Isis, Will Foote, and Malcolm Brooks. The broadcast includes documentary songs by Clio Berta, Chloë Isis, Rohan Edwards, and the Push Farther Project. The program also features a demonstration in which Chloë Isis and Will Foote compose a song live in the studio.



DocSong Virtual Concert to Benefit Rape Crisis Center

AUGUST 6, 2020

More than three years ago cellist Nora Willauer took an interest in documentary songwriting. She was intrigued by how therapeutic the art could be, especially after she started talking to women who are victims of sexual misconduct or domestic violence. So, in 2018, she resolved to help tell these women’s stories through Documentary Songwriting.

Young Artists in Quarantine: Caleb Edwards

JUNE 23, 2020 | This is part of a series highlighting the stories of young artists in quarantine. The period of free time that many people are experiencing has led many students to find a new independence in art when they have the ability to create just for themselves. This features Caleb Edwards, who will be a senior at Watershed School in Camden in the fall.

Lyric Writing with Malcolm Brooks

AUGUST 21, 2019 | Malcolm Brooks, a composer, performer and teacher and has created a program for writers, musicians, and ordinary citizens to express their feelings through lyrical song writing. During a week-long writing workshop with teens at Maine Media, he and his student Khalid Taylor used this method to help us turn a prose piece into a song. He said, "We don’t have enough songs that talk about our emotions,” and our song was full of such emotion and surprise.

Documentary Songwriting at Sweetland School

DECEMBER 14, 2017 | In small groups the Explorers and Innovators met once a week for 6 weeks with visiting artists Malcolm Brooks and Alex Wilder. The children shared ideas and created original songs. Each week children recorded their voices and songs and listened back to reflect on their sound and ideas. At our Solstice celebration children shared original songs with families. We noticed a high level of commitment and ownership of ideas.