August 19, 2021

Little Exchanges


Eugene, Oregon

Walking at dawn to the music school to practice, Nora Willauer meets someone who is heading home after his night shift. Although they are both alone, for a brief moment, they find companionship in a simple greeting.


Well I get early in the morning
Before the sunrise
In the hallway there’s the cleaning man
He’s cleaning up
I say good morning and he laughs
He says that not quite right
For you, it’s good morning
For me, goodnight

Little exchanges
Are all I need
When I’m working hard alone
I could be lonely but for
Little exchanges
Like goodnight
And good morning

In the winter I tried sleeping in
And came to school a bit later
But I missed the quiet mornings
So I got up early again
I saw the cleaning man
The moment I walked in
He said I set my watch to you
Where have you been?

Little Exchanges….

He said your shoe’s untied
I said I already knew
I said I’d deal with it later
Like I always do

Little Exchanges…

© 2016 Beauchamp Point Music

Story Source




Alex Wilder, Malcolm Brooks

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