Songs of #MeToo


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It’s all about Forgiveness

Gloria finds strength in the power of forgiveness.

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I am the Hero

Amy Burns discovers an ugly side to law enforcement and learns that she, in fact, is the hero.

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It’s a Warm Feeling to be Free

Liz discovers strength in living life on her own terms.

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Mary Lou

Mary Lou makes the decision of a lifetime and walks out after 43 long years.

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You’re a Bully

From the Songs of #MeToo project

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Something was Stolen from me

This song is part of the Songs of #MeToo project.

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Matthew’s Song

Matthew is my hero, he died and saved us all.

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I Want a Lock

I want a lock on my bedroom door. He held me down with his hands.
Should I call out—I don’t want a scene.

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I Remember Only Pieces

What you remember does not need to define you.

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