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Loving Another

Gabrielle Attra left a home, a cat, and a relationship. She considers whether to begin anew in the depths of winter.

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Idle Bible Van

Hannah Batley declines a proselytizers invitation to join him in waiting for the apocalypse.

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First Time in a Long Time

Caleb Edwards finds home in a faraway place—
From a documentary songwriting workshop at the Watershed School in Camden, Maine

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Day Ones

Daniella Hope sings of personal challenges but finds strength in friends she calls “Day Ones.”

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Care Package

How do I love thee? Here are some unusual ways.

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Arm’s Length of Love

Someone you’ve known for a long time may have another side to them. Forgiveness may not be easy.

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Baby in the rain

Before you knew them, someone you love had suffered beneath the hands of others. A father feels so much tenderness for his adopted daughter. He doesn’t always know how to help her, but he finds joy as she discovers her own unique gifts that she uses to overcome her past.

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Francis Dowling

From a recorded interview at the Maine Folklife Center.

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My Father Said

If I spoke up after 40 years,
does it take away what you’ve done.
Does my life get any better if you spend yours in jail?

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