Hazel Delehey


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The Right to Love

Li Meiling left her home country of China, but that doesn’t mean she can leave home. Her family has a long reach.

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Stoke Train

Utah and Colorado: Hazel Delehey and friends are hiking for miles and Hazel has fallen ill. She and her friends call themselves the “Stoke Train” to keep them going.

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Matthew’s Song

Matthew is my hero, he died and saved us all.

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Arm’s Length of Love

Someone you’ve known for a long time may have another side to them. Forgiveness may not be easy.

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My Father Said

If I spoke up after 40 years,
does it take away what you’ve done.
Does my life get any better if you spend yours in jail?

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Did She Change

A story from Zoot coffee shop in Camden, Maine, where a coffee drinker looks out the window and sees a casual friend walk by. The friend then stops, dances a moment and blows a kiss, leaving our coffee drinker to wonder about what or who has changed.

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Angel and a Sword

Hazel Delehey finds herself at a camp with strangers, after she thought that friends would be there, too. She longs for even one friend to join her, to help her fend off loneliness and inner turmoil.

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Counting Down the Days

Hazel Delehey wrestles with why she’s missing home. Last time she camped on Alfred Lake it was wonderful. But now, something’s not right, either inside her or out in the world.

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I am Searching (10,200 Feet High)

Hazel Delehey senses there is something for her to find, far away from her familiar hometown.

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