August 18, 2021

Did She Change


Rockport, Maine

A story from Zoot coffee shop in Camden, Maine, where a coffee drinker looks out the window and sees a casual friend walk by. The friend then stops, dances a moment and blows a kiss, leaving our coffee drinker to wonder about what or who has changed.


I was sitting at a coffee house,
Looking out the window.
I saw my friend walking by,
Blowing me a kiss.

Did she change?
Or did I change?
Or was I wrong all this time?

For the talking we’ve done before,
She was the calm and wise one.
She said I was afraid to feel
The size of my emotions.

Did she change…

When I started spending time with her,
I said I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with you.
Then she laughed, said it would never work out,
And yet this morning she blew a kiss.
What’s going on?

I’m still sitting at a coffee house,
Dazed and amazed.
I want to call her and ask her out.
I bet she’d say,

Did she change?
Or did I change?
Or was I wrong all this time?

© 2016 Beauchamp Point Music



Malcolm Brooks, Alex Wilder

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