August 12, 2021

Stare at the Ground


London, UK

Camila searches for a friend group that has no borders of culture and nationality.


I met two girls of Spanish decent
we made a little friendship group
I was so excited that I could show that part of me
Over time the group felt harsh
I'm feeling trapped inside
Wasn't I supposed to be there

Stare at the ground it's all dark and I look up
see all the stars
Stare at the ground it's all dark and I look up
see all the stars

Your room looks like you're so depressed
My mother said, do something
Thought about a Philippino girl in class with me
Martha can I have lunch with you
Of course she said to me
I found a found a home with Martha and her friends

Stare at the ground...

Those are my new friends I see
no nationality
no countries no borders we're friends

stare at the ground...



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