Nora Willauer


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The Beauty in Everyday Things

Alex Wilder likes how he’s been changing and he knows who’s been the source of that change. But now she’s leaving…

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Did She Change

A story from Zoot coffee shop in Camden, Maine, where a coffee drinker looks out the window and sees a casual friend walk by. The friend then stops, dances a moment and blows a kiss, leaving our coffee drinker to wonder about what or who has changed.

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Soy yo y el silencio

Fabiola Ferrero reexamines her path as a photojournalist, looking out into the world and also into herself. (English translation below)

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Could be Good, Could be Bad

Sometimes all one can do is live moment by moment. And sometimes it’s unclear where each moment will lead. Will works on living with uncertainty.

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Nestled in the Pines

Ben Adams and his bride learn that not everyone welcomes a young couple in love.

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Sarah Bullitt lost a beloved feline friend, but then again, maybe not. There may be a spiritual bond that’s greater than death.

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Fight Another Fire

Jay Wilder finds strength in his crew during the 2020 fire season. This song tells the story of the Walker Fire, a blaze in Northeast California that grew tremendously in one night.

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I Remember Only Pieces

What you remember does not need to define you.

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My Life (It’s Worth Living)

The promise and potential of life – with all its pains and imperfections – helps break a pattern of trauma.

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